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Management Company

Management Company

The Trustees of Potter Pond have contracted with BRIGS to help manage the day to day activities of our property. Homeowners can see their accounts, make maintenance requests, and pay condo fees by going to www.brigsllc.com and clicking on Client Login. If you don't find the answers to your question on this site, feel free to contact BRIGS.

Role Name Phone
Property Manager Andy Belanger 781-645-7272
On-Site Manager Franco Paola 781-861-8616
In an emergency (after hours) 617-536-4900


The Board of Trustees of the Potter Pond Condominium Association is made up of 7 resident owners. Trustee terms are for 3 years. The following are the trustees, when they were initially elected to the Board, and when their present term ends.

Name Position Unit Term Ends Service Dates
Ed Adelman Chair 49 2025 4/2016-present
Jim Baldwin 39 2025 4/2022-present
Janice Ferguson 54 2023 4/2020-present
Steve Heinrich Treasurer 11 2024 9/1987-present
Ed Higgins 87 2024 4/2012-present
John Scott 73 2024 8/2017-present
Frank Smith Secretary 7 2023 4/2014-present


The Board of Trustees maintains several standing committees. The following are the committees, their chairs, and the other members, who can be non-Trustee residents.

Committee Chair Members
Architectural Standards Frank Smith Ed Higgins, John Scott
Finance Steve Heinrich Ed Higgins, Frank Smith
Landscaping Steve Heinrich (Interim) and Franco Paola Ethie Slate, Jayne Gibson, Pam Smith, Janice Ferguson, Connie Johnson, Anne Johnstone, Ann Riley, Valerie Curtis, Cathy Morrison
Neighborhood Pat Higgins Pam Smith, Connie Johnson, Marilyn Richard, Valerie Curtis, Janice Ferguson, Shirley Frawley

Ed Adelman, as Chair, is an ex-officio member of all four standing committees.

From time-to-time, the Board also may form ad-hoc committees to address specific issues.

If a resident would like to serve on a committee, please feel free to contact the committee chair or the Chair of the Board.